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10 Amazing Camper Transformations You’ve Gotta See!

10 Amazing Camper Transformations You’ve Gotta See!

Ask any enthusiast, a camper has the power to transform your life! The sense of freedom, the thrill of adventure, the ability to barrel down the highway in your living space! But not only do campers have the ability to transform us, we have the ability to transform them. Bars, pools, patios, canopy beds… nothing is off limits. Check out these awesome camper restorations and see what the power of passion, handiwork and limitless creativity can do.



Thuy and Ray are a young couple who love to hit the road, but found the combination of owning a home, while frequently travelling, to be unaffordable and impractical. They simply remodelled their camper to feel more like a condo. Now they, along with their Goldendoodle Rainer, enjoy freedom, flexibility and style.

Modern RV living



Zach wanted to travel in his van. Zach wanted to be comfortable. Be like Zach.

Tiny living RV style



Another young couple wanted to take their show on the road. This pair bought a van, gutted it, and in one week turned it into a travelling hotel room. Visit here for their step by step guide for van conversion.

Minimal RV living



Relaxing on one’s patio is not a luxury that’s limited to home. With a bit of work, your home on wheels can include a patio as well. Sit on your chair, bask in the sun, and if you follow this model with a well placed TV, you’ll be able to watch the big game while you’re at it.

Creative RV lving patio



School buses aren’t just for kids anymore! Perhaps the person who decorated this converted bus wanted to create an environment that was as far from a student mover as possible. Paper balls and wise-cracking classmates not included.

Modern bus tiny home living


With this beauty, it’s all about the details. The intricacy of the metal work, combined with the bright colors provides this camper with an elegant ‘funhouse’ look. Climb aboard!

Gypsy lifestyle


Campers are a colorful lot, so it only makes sense that their choices for interior design will often resemble the rainbow. Note the comfy looking canopy bed, the wood finish on the ceiling, and the floral arrangement on the table. Magnifique!

The gyspsy lifestyle


It’s hard to know where to begin when describing this house on wheels. It doesn’t look like it’s equipped for highway driving, but a jaunt about town in this rolling castle is sure to get you a few looks.

Creative RV living



Drinking and driving is dangerous, illegal and just plain wrong! But once you’ve reached your destination, set up the bar on this beaut and get mixing.

Traveling cocktail bar


Everybody in the pool! While high diving is not recommended in this particular rooftop pool, it does look like a heck of a way to beat the heat.

Creative RV living

The owners of all of these campers have one thing in common: a desire to hit the road and camp in style! For those who have similar campers, or those of us with more conventional taste, it’s always great to be prepared.

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