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The Saga of Gypsy Carol; An RV Legend

The Saga of Gypsy Carol; An RV Legend

The open road, the sense of adventure, the smell of fresh air, the family time, constantly buying (and re-buying) things to make it all possible. Which of these aspects of the RV lifestyle do you NOT enjoy?

Survey says: the expense!

That’s exactly why Tri-Lynx offers warranties on all our products, including a 10-year warranty on Lynx Levelers and Lynx Lites. We offer the warranty because we have full confidence in our products, and also because we don’t believe campers should have to buy the same equipment again and again.

As an added bonus, our warranty even helped us find somebody we’d been hoping to hear from for years...

Gypsy Carol Needs a Lite

Gypsy Carol is 91 years young, and enjoys a life of travel and adventure. Tales of her escapades are difficult to verify, but we like to imagine her in a state of continuous journey, soaking up life to the fullest, with her sidekick, a small dog, whose details and origin story also remain a mystery.

Gypsy Carol seen here in a moment of rest and relaxation, smiling because she knows her Tri-Lynx equipment is totally covered!

Needless to say, when Gypsy Carol decided to purchase some Lynx Levelers and Lynx Lites, we were proud to be her supplier of choice. After that, however, her trail ran cold. We had hoped to follow along with her adventures, but, like most true superheroes, she disappeared into the shadows, preferring to allow the details of her myth to be left to the adoring public’s collective imagination.

No search engine could locate her, no social media platform could contain her.

And then, one fateful day, the phone rang at Tri-Lynx headquarters. To our astonishment, it was Gypsy Carol herself. As it turns out, you don’t find her -- she finds you!

Although she had been enjoying a consistent run of uninterrupted, perfectly level, good nights’ sleep thanks to our durable levelers, she had experienced a slight hiccup when one of her Lynx Lites went out.

Hey, even we’re not perfect. But, much like Q does for James Bond, we were determined to assist her adventures by supplying her with what she needed, when she needed it.

We sprang into action and immediately replaced the defective light, and, since it was under warranty, there was no charge to Gypsy Carol. It’s how we prefer to treat our customers!

Ironically, it was once Gypsy Carol was re-illuminated with her replacement light that she disappeared again...

Our Warranty

As you know, this offer is not just available to Gypsy Carol. We are proud to provide all our customers with fantastic warranties. In act, all our products are backed by our warranty. What is the warranty you ask?

10 YEARS! Yes... 10 freaking years on ALL Lynx "orange" leveling and stabilizing products. That's the Lynx Levelers, Lynx Stop N' Chock, Lynx Chock R' Dock, and Lynx Caps.

"But..." you say, "I've already had my Lynx Levelers/Lynx Stop N' Chock/Lynx Chock R' Dock/Lynx Caps since Game of Thrones first started waiting for winter to come and they still work!"

Guess what? You register them today, and you get ANOTHER 10 years.

And the best part is, registering for the warranty is a piece of cake. It’s right here on our website, along with instructions, videos and additional information about our products.

Warranty claims can be made through our website as well. What’s more, if your product was purchased within the past year, we even pay the shipping! It’s a hard deal to beat.

Save your money for hotdogs and marshmallows and keep your focus on the next adventure, because if something goes wrong with one of our products, we’ve got you covered.

We got the goods, and they’re backed by our warranty! Approved by adventurers of all ages.

We got the goods, and they’re backed by our warranty! Approved by adventurers of all ages.

Take Us With You!

With Tri-Lynx on your side you can follow in the footsteps of all the other great adventurers who have brought us along for the ride. Their journeys have been level and well-lit, and backed by the Tr-Lynx guarantee!

So when you’re out there RV-ing, keep an eye out. If you see a light approaching in the middle of the night, it could be the shadow of the moon in the eyes of an unknown creature.

It could be extraterrestrials from another galaxy, coming to study mankind.

Or it could be Gypsy Carol, walking her pup, the path in front of her lit up by her Lynx Lites. If you see her, tell her we say hi!

Is it the moon? An extraterrestrial life form? Or is Gypsy Carol approaching, wielding her newly replaced Lynx Lite?


Is it the moon? An extraterrestrial life form? Or is Gypsy Carol approaching, wielding her newly replaced Lynx Lite?