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        Lynx Living Blog — Renovation

        How To Transition From Summer To Fall While RVing

        How To Transition From Summer To Fall While RVing

        Happy official first day of fall! We hope that all the RVers out there had a great summer filled with amazing memories, and we also hope that you’re excited for the RV adventures that fall has in store for you.

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        Tips & Tricks for Bringing Pets Along on Your RVing Adventures

        Tips & Tricks for Bringing Pets Along on Your RVing Adventures

        Bringing your fur friends on your RVing trips sounds like a great idea, but before setting off on the road, you must first ensure that you create an optimal pet environment on your rig. In this blog, we will go over twelve tips and tricks for devising a pet-friendly space in your RV. 

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        10 Ways to Optimize The Limited Space in Your RV

        10 Ways to Optimize The Limited Space in Your RV

        Although we love our RVs, we have to admit that it can get frustrating at times living in such a small space. The key to living comfortably in your trailer is to maximize the space available. Below, we have listed some effective ways to optimize the limited space in your motorhome!

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        How to Create An RV Interior That Looks and Feels Like Home

        How to Create An RV Interior That Looks and Feels Like Home

        The biggest change with the overall look of RV interiors is how much more closely they follow residential trends than they did even a few years ago.

        In the age of popular design platforms, such as the DIY network and HGTV, more people are becoming aware of home trends. The demand for more modern or forward-thinking designs for RVs has been on the rise. 

        Let’s dive into a few tips on how you can transform your RV interior to something that looks and feels like a modern home. Switching your flooring, installing granite countertops, painting, and decorating are all on the agenda!

        Vinyl Plank Flooring

        Photo Credit: localcolorxc.com


        Vinyl plank flooring is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This type of flooring will serve as the base for creating an RV space that looks like home.

        A few benefits of vinyl plank flooring:

        • Water-resistant
        • Cost-effective
        • Safe from temperature variations
        • Can withstand normal wear and tear

        There are a variety of vinyl wood patterns to choose from. We recommend going for a pattern with a darker shade, rather than a red or piney pattern, to create a refined and elevated final finish.

        Granite Countertops

        Photo Credit: @_the_fergusons


        Introducing natural stone like granite to your RV is a great way to create a modern-home look.

        The natural and diverse look of granite can be a major improvement for RVs. Granite countertops can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Matching floors and backsplashes can bring the design together. 

        A quality granite counter brings durability and elegance. There’s no need to worry about caring after granite surfaces thanks to products specifically formulated to clean, seal, and polish granite.

        Easy peasy!

        Paint Walls and Cabinets

        Photo Credit: Pinterest


        This is a great way to completely transform the interior of your RV in one step. White walls and cabinets can drastically elevate the look of your RV and make it look like a sophisticated home on wheels. 

        The most important consideration when choosing paint and/or primer is what type of surface you’re painting.  

        Generally, you want to look for paint that will adequately cover and adhere to whatever surface you’re painting. The interior walls in recreational vehicles are usually made from thin plywood panels and have a special vinyl coating. The special covering is similar to wall paper, and it’s not really designed to be painted. This makes painting the interior of an RV more difficult than painting standard walls in a residential home. Taking your time and being patient with your prep work is essential for painting an RV successfully.

        Here are some simple steps to follow to paint your RV:

        • Sand the walls – This will help the primer adhere. Consider using a sanding sponge to make this process easier.
        • Clean the walls – Use a TSP cleaner and degreaser. After cleaning, rinse the walls with water and let dry completely.
        • Prime the walls–  RV walls aren’t made of sheetrock like in a normal house, so you need to use a specific type of primer to prep the walls for paint. For the best results, be sure to use bonding primers, as they are able to bond securely on slick surfaces compared to traditional water or oil-based primers.
        • Paint the walls –You can choose to use a paint brush,  roller, or paint sprayer. We recommend painting the walls and ceilings with a paint sprayer. On the cabinets, we recommend using a combination of the paint sprayer and paint brushes to get even coverage around all of the corners


        Photo Credit: barefootdetour.com

        This is the easiest way to create an RV space that resembles your home. Consider hanging  family pictures, art, or beautiful photography to create a comfortable environment. 

        Command hooks and Velcro strips are effective in hanging things in your RV without damaging the walls and keeping them secured in place while you’re on the road.

        Having a comfortable space where you can relax is what home is all about. Be creative and include items that resonate with you, such as throw pillows, blankets, basket-woven bins, hanging plants, and furniture. 

        A tip to consider when choosing items to decorate your RV with is including similar color tones and patterns to create a cohesive look.

        Additionally, since most RV interiors are shades of brown, adding color in small ways can make a huge difference to make your RV “pop.”

        Home sweet home!

        P.S. To make sure your RV really feels like home, it needs to be level. After all, your house is! Always have your Lynx Levelers in tow.

        Working on the Road | How to Create the Perfect Mobile RV Office Space

        Working on the Road | How to Create the Perfect Mobile RV Office Space

        How does one create the perfect mobile RV office space? If you’re an avid RVer (or Van Lifer), you might actually take some of your work on the road. In fact, many people these days do. If you don’t work while RVing already, you might be thinking of clocking some hours as you cruise along … Continue reading Working on the Road | How to Create the Perfect Mobile RV Office Space

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