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Working on the Road | How to Create the Perfect Mobile RV Office Space

Working on the Road | How to Create the Perfect Mobile RV Office Space

How does one create the perfect mobile RV office space?

If you’re an avid RVer (or Van Lifer), you might actually take some of your work on the road. In fact, many people these days do.

If you don’t work while RVing already, you might be thinking of clocking some hours as you cruise along the highway. But how do you do this within the confines of your RV?

Well, we’ve got some answers for you.

The desk

The first step to achieving the perfect RV office space is by ensuring you have a desk that works for both you and your RV. We understand not everyone can dedicate a chunk of space in their RV as their office, so here are three different ways you can incorporate a desk into your RV based on the type of working space you desire:

Remove unneeded furniture

It’s more than likely you don’t utilize everything inside your RV. It’s also likely you truly want to set aside a specific space in your RV for a permanent office. To make room for this, go through your RV and figure out what isn’t being used.

Maybe it’s that extra bed inside the extra bedroom, or maybe it’s an oversized cabinet you have no use for. Identify the items you don’t need and replace them with a desk you can use as a working station on the road.

This couple had no use for two beds in one of their RV bedrooms; so they replaced one with an L-shaped desk big enough for both small and large projects on the road.

Photo Credit: Techno Media

The couple found their L-shaped desk at IKEA, and opted for a lightweight material rather than heavy wood.

Invest in dual-purpose furniture

This tip is ideal for those struggling to incorporate an office into your small RV space without giving up existing furniture you need on the road.

In this case, dual-purpose furniture is a functional solution. The couple of Mountain Modern Life created a custom media cabinet in their RV. The cabinet offers storage, a place for their television, and holds an extension slide drawer that can easily be used as a desk in a matter of minutes, and can be tucked away when not in use.

Photo Credit: Life Lanes

Double up on existing spaces

Maybe a permanent office setup inside of your RV is not what you’re after. You might occasionally do work on the road, but you’re not willing to invest in dedicating a space in your RV solely to an office, or investing in dual-purpose furniture.  

In that case, we suggest you purchase a desk/table that can fold up and be stored away when not in use. This is ideal to place in your living room or dining room, so your existing couch or chairs can be used as an office chair. When you’re not working, you can enjoy your space as something other than a workspace.

Living room by day…

…office by night.

Photo Credit: Techno Media

The storage

What’s a workspace without the right amount of storage for all your documents and office supplies?

If you’re looking for another solution besides building more cabinets in your RV, storage can easily be added with the use of plastic storage drawers.

They come in different sizes, so you can tuck them away underneath your desk, or you can have them in other spaces in your RV if you don’t want to opt for a permanent desk.

These drawers are inexpensive and give you quick and easy access to whatever you need.

Photo Credit: Wal-Mart

If you’re going to be working on the road, you’ll likely need notebooks, pens, extra paper and other stationary. If plastic storage drawers aren’t your thing, and if you have some space on your walls, you can opt for a wire file folder to organize all these items.

Photo Credit: Uncommon Designs

The equipment

Unless your RV is already equipped with all of the right hardware, you might want to look into some tools that ensure you have access to WiFi 24/7. Consider purchasing an amplifier to boost cellular and WiFi signals when you’re on the road. This ensures you can use the Internet easily, and take any important incoming calls when needed.

It’s also important to have a backup source of Internet connection, such as a WiFi hotspot.

Another tip: if you need to print or copy documents while on the road, have an all-in-one wireless printer handy. This trusty space-saver will print, copy and scan anything you need.

Lynx Mobile Office

Of course, you always want to make sure your mobile office is level!  

The little details

A final tip is to add a cork board near your office space, either on the wall or propped up in the corner of your desk. You can pin up any important reminders and documents if you need to keep them in the front of your mind.

Photo Credit: Unoriginal Mom For Uncommon Designs

Now that your mobile RV office space is ready to go, you’re going to want to make sure it stays nice and level when you’re on rocky or uneven ground. Get your Lynx Levelers from Amazon or Walmart to finish the job!

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