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4 of the Most Terrifying Roadtrip Stories We’ve Ever Heard

4 of the Most Terrifying Roadtrip Stories We’ve Ever Heard

Happy Halloween fellow RVers! The spookiest day of the year is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by telling scary stories?

Stories are a long-held tradition by many campers. Imagine huddling together with a hot chocolate in hand (or something stronger perhaps) and good friends, exchanging tales of ghosts and ghouls as the sun sets in the distance.

You might just become the protagonist of your own scary story…

Here are some of the scariest we’ve ever heard. You can re-tell them — if you dare.

The figure in the night


Figure in the night

Ted worked at an outdoor field and regularly led trips. One day, he was leading a trip on top of Mount Stringer — a tough climb that was about six miles from the nearest road.

He was leading a group of eight middle school children and had one other co-instructor with him. Once the group made it to the top of the mountain, they set up camp under a beautiful full moon. Ted decided to spend the night in a hammock, and began reading a book as everyone went to bed.

At about 10:30 p.m., Ted turned off his headlamp and settled in to go to bed. The full moon was casting a lot of light, and Ted could easily see down the trail they had hiked to get to the top of the mountain.

He laid awake for a little bit longer, admiring the scenery, and then noticed something moving along the trail. Bears were quite common in this area, so Ted was suddenly on full alert.

But, as the figure got closer, he realized it wasn’t a bear at all.

In the middle of nowhere, in the dead of night, there was someone hiking up the trail without a headlamp or any gear.

Ted lay frozen as he watched the person move closer and closer to his camp. When the person finally arrived at the top of the mountain, he stopped. The person, who appeared to be a man, surveyed the camp. To Ted’s horror, the man stood and stared for 30 minutes, before finally sitting down.

He sat, staring and silent.

Ted had no idea what to do — he was paralyzed by fear. Finally, at 3:30 a.m., the man stood, surveyed the camp for a few more minutes, then went back down the same way he had come up, never to be seen again.

The screeching visitor

The screeching visitor

Andrew and his brother Chad frequently went on camping trips with their family.

When Andrew was 10, him and his brother were sleeping in a tent together while camping on another family trip. It was about 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning and Andrew couldn’t sleep. The tent was hot and extremely uncomfortable.

As he tried to go to sleep, he heard a whimper outside his tent. The campsite was near a few others, so Andrew ignored it.

The whimper began to get louder and louder and turned into crying. Suddenly, he could hear footsteps, which stopped right outside his tent.

The crying got louder and louder, and remained in the same spot, outside the tent. The cry turned into an ear-piercing scream, then cut out just as quickly as it had came. Only complete silence hung in the air. Not even the sound of footsteps walking away was heard.

Andrew didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

The serial killer in the woods


The serial killer in the woods

A few friends were taking a road trip about seven hours or so down to the Apalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee, Florida. They were camping inside their cars, and not wanting to be bothered by park rangers, drove deep into the woods so they could have a few drinks.

After they found a spot, two of the friends decided to do a little bit of exploring. They walked about 100 yards from the site back to the main road, and noticed another path directly across from them. They embarked on the new-found trail and immediately noticed someone had been living there.

There were big bags of trash and other items. Instead of turning around, they boldly ventured on. Eventually, they stumbled upon the campsite of an older man living out of his van with a big golden retriever.

The two boys attempted to turn around, but the man had already spotted them and engrossed them in conversation. He was friendly enough, telling them about cool spots to visit in the park, specifically one spot that he gave directions to in steps — not yards or miles.

As the friends walked back to the campsite, they couldn’t help but feel suspicious of the man they had met and how eager he was to ask where they were staying.

Fast-forward two months and one of the friends noticed something familiar on the news. A man, a van and a golden retriever… suddenly, everything clicked.

The man was Gary Michael Hilton who had been convicted of four murders.

The most recent one? In Apalachicola, on the campsite they had come across, not long after they had left.

The wood leveler


The wood leveler

It was the middle of fall and a recently married couple decided to go on one last roadtrip before the cold weather hit.

They hit the road early in the morning and made their way down to Glacier National Park with their hiking gear and other necessities. When they arrived at the campsite, they noticed the ground was extremely soft and uneven.

The husband decided to fix this tricky situation, and leveled the RV before the pair went out on the first hike they had planned for the trip.

At the end of the day, tired from all the strenuous activity, the young couple decided to go to bed early, and took to their RV for the night.

At exactly 3:00 a.m., everything went wrong.

Terrified, the couple was awoken by the sounds of snapping wood and their RV tilting horrifically to the side. The wife screamed. The husband ran outside. Items inside the RV went flying everywhere. After the situation finally subsided, they decided to go back to bed, even though the RV was far from level.

The next morning they both woke up with horrible back aches, and had to head home — there was no way they could hike in their condition.

That was the first and last time they ever used wood to level their RV.

Remember: Wood is for campfires. Lynx is for leveling.

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