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Five Ways to Make Your RV Accessible

Five Ways to Make Your RV Accessible

The RV lifestyle is one of the finest ways to live; it lets you enjoy the spirit of the open road and the call of the wild. For so many of us our second home is something to look forward to.

If mobility is an issue, navigating an RV can be a daunting task. Fortunately, just as with other homes, buildings and public spaces, there are measures that can be taken to make your recreational vehicle more accessible. Consider some of the following methods of making your RV friendlier to everyone.

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Point of Entry: Ramps, Lifts and Bars

Given their height, RVs can obviously provide a greater challenge to entry than regular cars, so adjustments may be necessary. For some, a well placed hand bar near the stairs will provide the necessary support. This will now come standard on many RVs, and if not, can be installed relatively easily.

Those in wheelchairs may require further assistance in the form of a chair lift or ramp. These are available from retailers, and will require some effort to install, but are worth the expense and effort. Obviously the lift will need to be paired with a door that can allow for a wheelchair to fit through, so make sure this is possible with your model.

A chair lift can be installed in an RV, making entry for those in wheelchairs possible.


Installing Bars and Handrails Throughout

It’s not just entering the RV that can prove difficult to those with disabilities and mobility challenges, they need to be able to navigate their way throughout the vehicle as well. This will take some handiwork, but will make getting in and out of bed, as well as the bathroom much easier to do. Careful planning will ensure that the rails and bars are installed in places where their use can be maximized.

Of course those who use them will have the keenest insight into this.

Wheelchair Accessible Floor Plan

RVs come in all manner of different shapes, sizes and layouts. Navigating a wheelchair through a cramped space is a no-go, but a proper layout can make all things possible. The best time to make this consideration is prior to the purchase of the RV, although with the proper expertise and elbow grease, layout modifications after the fact are an option. Wide pathways and accessible beds are just two ways to make an RV accessible to everyone.

A spacious interior design makes navigating an RV possible for those in wheelchairs.   

Shower Accessibility

Getting in and out of the shower can often be challenging to those who have trouble walking, and downright impossible for those in wheelchairs. A roll in shower will require more space, but can be crafted in larger RVs. Bars and handles, as mentioned above, are ways to make the shower more easily navigated by others.  

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Behind the Wheel: Accessibility in the Driver’s Seat

We’ve covered entering, navigating and showering, but what about hitting the road? Much like other vehicles, hand controls can be installed to make driving possible for those who are unable to utilize the standard setup.

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