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3 Reasons Why You Must Be Sure Your Vintage Camper Trailer Is Level

3 Reasons Why You Must Be Sure Your Vintage Camper Trailer Is Level

Maintaining your vintage RV is important to ensure it’s functioning at its best and also to allow you to enjoy it longer. Following these key maintenance tips will help keep expensive repairs at bay and keep your vintage RV on the road.

Sleeping on a slant is amplified in a vintage RV

Besides trying to prevent your coffee from rolling off your galley each morning, imagine trying to fall asleep on a slant at night. It’s difficult to get a good night’s rest in your RV if you’re constantly finding yourself sleeping on an uneven surface, waking up in the middle of the night to retrieve your pillow from the floor, or are rolling into the wall, your spouse, or right off the bed altogether.

You’ll feel a slant even more in a vintage ride, as these typically come with a smaller surface area than some of the newer RVs. You’ll also be more likely to sleep much closer together side-by-side in a vintage rig, so if you’re not level, you’ll really be able to feel the uneven surface. Newer rigs tend to be larger and, thus, disperse the angle of the slant over the length of the vehicle.

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Ensure your fridge continues to run smoothly

Vintage rides come equipped with older refrigerators. Older fridges are more sensitive to being level than are those found in newer RVs because of the extra stress put on the appliance when trying to push liquid ammonia through a portion of the low-temperature evaporator coils inside the refrigerator. This process depends on gravity to run smoothly, so if your RV isn’t level, you’ll have gravity working against you and your overworked fridge.

Prevent your awning from breaking

Make sure you’re leveling front to rear so your awning is straight. Because your awning mounts to the awning rail, your trailer needs to be straight in order to level the awning correctly.

Pro Tip: If you expect rain overnight, either take down the awning or drop one corner dramatically to ensure run-off.

An unlevel awning will gather and puddle water, which can cause damage if too much weight is put on the poles, ropes, and canvas.

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Owning a vintage RV can sometimes require a little extra TLC. But, if you keep up the maintenance, you’ll be rewarded with an efficiently functioning (and cool!) ride to enjoy during your RV adventures.

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