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Tips For Safe RV Travel This Fall

Tips For Safe RV Travel This Fall

Every fall, thousands of people look forward to taking a road trip in their RV. After all, RVing is an exciting experience with rewards like gorgeous views and getting to reconnect with nature. However, traveling in your RV this fall may be a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No matter if you’re going on a solo adventure or bringing the whole family along for the ride, an RV trip is only enjoyable if you feel safe. Read on to find out our top tips for safe travel in an RV this fall!


To ensure that you’ll be able to leave your camper in the park or campground you head out to, making a reservation is a must if reservations are offered by the campground or park you have in mind. Spots are limited, since many places have made changes to their protocols and have placed a limit on how many people can come in. With limits in place, spaces are booking up fast. So, once you have a place in mind, be sure to make that reservation as soon as possible for a better chance of claiming your spot.

In addition to reservations, you should also take a look at regulations on parks and hiking trails that you plan on checking out. Visit the website of the park you’ll be visiting for more information. 


Travel With People In The Same Household

Going on a road trip with friends and other people outside of your household can sound fun, but it isn’t advisable during these times. Since some people who have contracted the virus may be asymptomatic, sharing a camper has its risks. Hold off on inviting members outside of your home to join you for the trip this summer. Instead, travel only with people who live with you to prevent spread and contraction of the coronavirus.

This tip can be easily overshadowed by excitement at the thought of vacationing with friends, but sticking with members from the same household will help flatten the curve.


Choose An Rv With A Bathroom

Not all RVs come with a bathroom and shower, and if you rely on the bathrooms at parks and campgrounds, you may be out of luck this fall. Although many of these spaces are starting to reopen, the facilities they offer, like bathrooms and showers, may not be open.

If you own an RV with a full bathroom, you may have more options available to you. This includes a toilet and a shower, so you won’t have to stress about finding a spot with facilities available.


Disinfect Your RV

If you’ll be renting an RV for your road trip, it’s likely that the RV rental company will have cleaning policies for you to abide by. By cleaning the vehicle yourself after picking it up from the rental company, this will help calm an anxious state of mind.

On the other hand, if you have your own RV, disinfecting it with the appropriate cleaning supplies is a great way to start off your trip with a bacteria and dirt-free RV. Disinfect hard surfaces with cleaning solution, and vacuum porous surfaces.

Here are five areas of your RV that will definitely need sanitizing!


Plan Meals

Meal planning is something that’s usually a part of an RVer’s checklist. During these uncertain times, it would be wise to be extra thorough when planning meals.

Minimize contact with people from the communities you’ll be driving through by stocking up on groceries and non-perishable food items before your trip. This will help cut down the number of trips you’ll make to the grocery store. The non-perishables will act as emergency food if grocery stores are closed.


Social Distance

As always, remember to keep a six-foot distance from strangers to keep yourself and them protected. This includes the attendants at campgrounds and park rangers.

You may also find crowds at viewpoints and trailheads, so avoid big pile-ups. Additionally, consider avoiding campfires and other social activities with others where social distancing may not be possible.

Finding a smaller or less known park for your summer road trip means there will be less people around, and more peace and quiet! 

Consider a less crowded park this summer to really socially distance.


Be Level

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to stay level when you’re out traveling in an RV. Leveling ensures that your vehicle doesn’t have any unnecessary stress added to your cupboards, door jams, windows, and the like.

For more reasons why you should be keeping your RV level, check out our blog on the top three reasons to level your RV.


Make your trip even safer by using Lynx Levelers to level your RV. They’ll keep your vehicle how it should be: stationary and secure.