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Five Areas of Your RV that Need Sanitizing

Five Areas of Your RV that Need Sanitizing

RV adventurers are a tough breed, unafraid of a little dirt or tree sap. In these unprecedented times, however, no amount of bravado will suffice. The path to victory in the battle against COVID-19, or Coronavirus, involves thorough cleaning and attention to detail. We realize that you may be miles away from everyone in your self-contained journey, or possibly closer to home, or even, steps away from it on your driveway.

We offer the following plan of attack, with regards to disinfecting your RV. 

Remember don’t be uneven, stack for success! Also check out our blog post on the 3 things that will impact your sleep in the outdoors – Hint: An uneven surface is #1!

Let's clean up!

A lot has been written about effective means of cleaning and disinfecting homes and common surfaces. The rules of great cleaning:

Clean the Surface


1) Clean the Surface

Remove any other contaminants, dust or debris using soapy water, or a cleaning spray. Then wipe the surface with a clean hand towel or rag. 

2) Disinfect

Surface-appropriate disinfectant, or disinfectant wipes and sprays, are considered to be effective, as is bleach, rubbing alcohol (or anything that has at least 60% alcohol). Please read the instructions of whatever you use. Generally a best cleaning practice for most sprays and wipes is to let them air dry on the surface and not touch or wipe the surface until it’s dry.

Note: There’s SO much out there on various cleaning measures, homemade concoctions, and general randomness of people’s internet opinions. PEASE watch the mixtures of chemicals without researching reputable science-based websites, as no matter what you use – EVERYTHING is a chemical (H20 anyone?) and they all react differently with each other, some much worse than others. 

Here is a list of approved chemicals from the Environmental Protection agency that do the job. 

No matter the cleaner, what’s important is to put a little bit of elbow grease into it, which isn’t a big deal as we know that RVers don’t shy away from a little bit of work! 


Areas of Attack

Since the COVID-19 virus has been known to stick to surfaces for days on end, it’s critical to clean common areas. In general, any area that is frequently touched is a key area to focus on. In a recreational vehicle, as in any home, these areas are numerous. Research has shown that this particular virus can live on surfaces such as cardboard for 24 hours, and up to 72 hours on plastics and stainless steel.

Handles: We all touch handles on a daily basis. In fact, you can’t spell handles without “hand”. These of course include door handles, compartment handles, cupboard, fridge, stove, microwave and even coolers handles. It’s not until we consider cleaning them that we realize how frequently we are clicking, turning or pulling these things. Wipe them down at least daily, or more depending how often they are touched to stop the spread!

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Controls: Steering wheels are a prime example of an area that is frequently touched. Same goes for levers, knobs, buttons, radio dials, window controls, touchscreens, shifters, vents and any other surface involved in the control of an RV (or any other vehicle). 

Faucet Controls: We’ve all heard about the importance of washing our hands regularly and vigorously. But what about the faucet handles, knobs and controls we use to start the process? Or the soap pumps that sit nearby? It only makes sense that they will require their own regular wipe down. Clean your cleaning area! 

Electronics and Mobile Phones: Wherever we go, our phones usually go with us. Some of you are reading this in the bathroom right now! We are constantly touching our smart phones and then holding them against our faces. Laptop computers are similarly infamous for collecting germs. Ditto car starters or remotes of any kind (We’re probably watching more TV than usual nowadays right?) When cleaning electronics, however, avoid using harsh chemicals which can prove damaging. Apple recently announced that disinfectant wipes like Clorox sheets were safe to use with their iPhone.

Smart phones: ultra useful, super gross! Wipe yours down before pressing it against your beautiful face.

Dishes, Glasses, Utensils, Etc.: You’ve created the perfect cocktail in the land of nowhere and you want your neighbors to have a taste. Thoroughly clean all dishes, and of course, no sharing! 

Part of the appeal of the RV lifestyle is an escape from the humdrum daily life in favor of a closer experience with nature. Germs, however, are not welcome on any journey. Whether you are reading this during the COVID-19 crisis, or during more ‘normal’ circumstances, remember, a clean RV is a happy RV.

Remember! If your RV is clean, make sure it’s also level. Check us out and see if any of our products can help you out today!