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10 Work-From-Home Setups For Your RV

10 Work-From-Home Setups For Your RV

Are you considering working from the comfort of your RV? We like to call this “work-from-RV” culture.

An RV counts as home away from home to us anyway, so there’s really no difference! But what if your RV doesn’t have a dedicated space for you to get workin’ away? Worry not, we’ve curated some of our favorite work-from-home (RV edition, of course) setups that can inspire your new office setup!


Double Desk

For when your significant other is also working from your RV.

Source: SimpliRV on Pinterest


Four Screens

Four times the screens = four times the productivity, right?



Lay-Z Boy Office

All the comfort, none of the laz-y.

Source: iRV2 Forums



All you need is a little imagination.



Window Desk

Now you have no one in the office to fight for that coveted window spot with.




A setup that makes you never want to go into an actual office ever again.

Source: @saraandalexjames on Instagram


Corner Desk

Be your own boss.




All the comfort one could ask for.

Source: @surftripping on Instagram


Road to Work

Now that’s a view!

Source: RVillage on Facebook


Space Efficient

It’s like IKEA, but for your RV.


Of course you'll need to stay level to make sure you're not looking at a slanted screen or tilting on your favorite chair, etc. Lynx Levelers are here to make your work-from-RV experience a little more enjoyable.

Stay Lynx, stay level, and stay productive.