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Three Not-So-Fun Facts About Sleeping on a Slant

Three Not-So-Fun Facts About Sleeping on a Slant

This next situation might sound familiar to you.

You park your RV at your campsite after a long and tiring drive, get into bed to sleep, and realize you’ve made a dire mistake.

Your campsite seems to be situated on a slant, and your head is tilted backwards while your legs seem to be at a different angle altogether.



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Saying that everyone needs the same amount of sleep is like saying everyone can wear the same shoe size. Some need eight hours, while others are perfectly fine with six and a half hours. Age is another factor to consider, but experts generally recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for healthy adults.

It’s important to find your perfect balance, because it impacts your overall function and health.

Here are three not-so-fun facts about sleeping on a slant:

1) You won’t get a good night’s sleep — period 

Kiss your good night’s sleep goodbye if you find yourself on a slanted campground.

If your RV feels like it could tip over at any minute, your bed will feel like anything but Cloud 9. Be prepared to wake up feeling unrested and sore, because sleeping on a slant can cause severe back and neck pain.

The time you spend sleeping is the time your back muscles need to be relaxed to heal themselves. In order to protect your back and allow it to rest properly after a long day, good posture while being asleep is essential.

So, naturally, having your body at an odd angle all night can result in unneeded and sometimes downright debilitating pain. Your back won’t get the chance to rest the correct way on an uncomfortable slant.

There’s nothing worse than having to cancel your roadtrip activities, such as hiking, biking and kayaking, because you need to take the day to stretch out the damage.

Even more importantly, a sleep-deprived you can lead to a higher chance of traffic accidents. If you’re planning on hitting the road the next morning, but spent your night sleeping at an uncomfortable angle, the driver fatigue you may experience can be just as dangerous as being drunk behind the wheel.

2) It can ruin your cognitive capacity

Did you know sleep is actually more important than food?  

Imagine not eating for five days in a row. That seems a lot worse than not getting proper sleep for the five days you’re on a slanted campground, but it isn’t!

If you’re sleeping on a slant and not getting the proper amount of sleep, it’s going to negatively affect your cognitive capacity and your productivity. 

According to doctors, when you’re sleep-deprived your brain has a harder time trying to focus and refocus correctly. You become sluggish and your brain is unable to activate the parts that it needs to go about its day. Basically, being sleep deprived is akin to a power failure inside your head.

Simply put: just one night of insufficient sleep can impact your alertness, attention span, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.

3) Your mood will be affected

Not getting enough sleep can really take a toll on your mood.

The lack of sleep you’ll get as a result of sleeping in this maddening position can easily make you turn irritable, short-tempered, angry and vulnerable to stress, among many other negative emotions.

That doesn’t sound like much of a relaxing getaway now, does it?

Plus, sleeplessness affects your memory. That’s right, not getting enough sleep can result in trouble remembering all those fantastic family RV vacations in the near future.

Okay, scary, we know…

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Simply set the levelers into a pyramid shape to the desired height the RV needs to be raised to and drive onto the stack.

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