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Register below for our NEW 10-year warranty and add years of life to your Lynx Levelers.

For more information about our warranty program, or to file a claim, please email us at warranty@trilynx.com, or call 1-800-463-5505.

IMPORTANT: Customers who purchased their Lynx Levelers within the past year will not be required to pay for shipping on damaged products. Customers who purchased their Lynx Levelers outside of this one-year period will be required to pay for shipping on returns. Proof of purchase required.

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Tri-Lynx Corporation products that fail to operate properly or break under normal usage will be replaced. Tri-Lynx Corporation will not be responsible for any other expenses incurred by the customer under the terms of this warranty, nor shall it be responsible for any damages either consequential, special, contingent, or otherwise; or expenses or injury arising directly or indirectly from the use of Tri-Lynx Corporation Products.