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Reno Hacks | Make These Small Changes to Your RV Kitchen for an Immediate Makeover

Reno Hacks | Make These Small Changes to Your RV Kitchen for an Immediate Makeover

When was the last time you walked into your RV and said, “Wow! I just love my small, outdated, lackluster kitchen!”?

Perhaps it’s time for a little RV kitchen remodel…

We all know the classic RV interior: bland kitchen cabinets, muted colours, berber carpet and a space that just sucks the joy out of you. We’ve put together a list of small and inexpensive changes you can make today that will give your RV’s kitchen an instant makeover.

So, with a small stash of cash and the willingness to get your hands a little dirty, you can renovate your RV kitchen with these reno hacks and put the “home” back in motorhome.

Paint the cabinets

RV Reno Cabinets Tri Lynx

Photo Credit: Francois et Moi

We’re guessing your RV most likely has light oak cabinets and fake wood panels?

One of the easiest ways to really transform your RV’s kitchen is to paint those dull cabinets. Pick a colour, any colour. We suggest white or grey, but it’s your space, so choose a colour that suits your taste and style.

Oh, and don’t forget to sand and prime first!

The best part about painting the cabinets? It can always be changed later, so you don’t have to worry if you get sick of it a few years down the road.

Let there be light

RV Reno Hack Lights Tri Lynx

Why is it that RV lights are always so dim and just plain useless?

Consider getting some new light fixtures. You can use any kind of light fixture in an RV, as long as you use the correct light bulbs. Make sure the bulbs you’re using are LED, as anything else will be energy sucking.

Another option (excuse the self-promotion) are Lynx Lites. Place the 3 LED Lite with Motion Sensor inside your kitchen cupboards, or place the Rugged Lite under your cabinets for additional lighting.

Pro Tip: The Rugged Lite works great for lighting up your tool box as well.

Rugged Lite RV Reno Tri Lynx

Add a backsplash

Reno Hacks RV Kitchen Tri Lynx

Photo Credit: Paint by the Light

 Changing up or adding a backsplash is another really easy way to transform your RV’s kitchen. Peel-and-stick tiles are a quick and relatively hassle-free way to add a backsplash. Pick up a pattern and colour you like from your local hardware store.

Replace the hardware

Hardware RV Reno Hacks Tri Lynx Design

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Now that your cabinets are painted, lit, and you’ve got that perfect backsplash thing going on, replace your cupboard and drawer handles. You can find some really unique and relatively inexpensive door pulls and knobs at garage sales, antique shops and at your local hardware store.

Opt for vinyl

Vinyl Design RV Reno Hacks Tri Lynx

Photo Credit: Classy Clutter

Time to get your hands dirty with a bit of demolition! Rip out your berber carpet and replace the tiles with vinyl plank flooring. They’re easy to cut and install, come pre-glued and are waterproof.

Put the “win” back in Winnebago with your stylish new RV kitchen! Get your Lynx Lites on Amazon and at Walmart!

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