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Reno Hacks | Five Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Vintage RV Bedroom

Reno Hacks | Five Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Vintage RV Bedroom

Fun fact: You spend approximately one third of your life sleeping, and while many of your waking hours include cruising the open road in a vintage RV, roasting marshies by the fire and dipping your toes in the lake, there’s absolutely no reason to sacrifice the level of comfort you should feel while snoozin’ at night.

Fortunately, the bedroom is one of the more affordable projects you can undertake when renovating your RV.

We’ve got a few small changes, fun ideas and crafty tricks to help transform your RV bedroom from a nightmare into a dream.

Ditch the old duvet

Reno Hacks for your RV: Switch your Duvet to add more color!

Photo Credit: decoratoo

A small change with major impact simply involves switching up your bedding. Toss on a colourful duvet, a cozy throw blanket and pack the bed with pillows. It’ll literally feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Level up

RV Reno Hacks: Use LynxLevelers to make sure RV is sitting at the right angle.

Photo Credit: Vintage Camper Trailers

Sleeping in an unlevel RV can cause all sorts of health problems (we wrote more about that here).  Excuse the self promotion (sorry, not sorry), but those problems can all be solved by leveling your RV with Lynx Levelers. A level RV means a good night’s sleep and a happy camper!

Prep, prime and paint

Reno Hacks for your RV: Upgrade your walls with cool wallpaper styles. Try old maps!

Photo Credit: RVshare

It’s easy to add a coat of paint to the walls, but why not step it up a notch with funky wallpaper? Go the traditional route with a patterned wallpaper from your local hardware store or get crafty with old maps from your travels.

Netflix and chill

RV Reno: Install a wall mount for your iPad or tablet to make it easier to watch shows in bed!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Numerous studies say we shouldn’t watch TV or use our phones while in bed, but some nights we just can’t pull ourselves away from watching Game of Thrones. Feed your Netflix addiction by installing a wall mount for your tablet or smartphone on your bedroom wall.

Take it to the roof

RV Reno Hacks: Turn the top of your RV into a bed with a few simple tricks to watch the sunset in ease.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

There’s absolutely no better way to be one with the wilderness than to sleep under the stars. All you need is a foam mattress, a couple of blankets, a few pillows and a bowl of popcorn to enjoy nature’s light show.

No matter what kind of ground your RV is parked on, Lynx Levelers ensure you’re always level and always getting a good night’s rest. Get yours at Wal-Mart or Amazon today!

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