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Lighting your outdoor RV kitchen? Lynx has a light for that!

Lighting your outdoor RV kitchen? Lynx has a light for that!

The outdoors can get dark without electricity; luckily, Lynx Lites are designed with you, and bright light, in mind.  

It’s important to have a reliable source of light so you can get what you need done - like preparing a hearty meal at the end of your adventure-filled day. For many of you who engage in outdoor activities during the day, daylight is scarce by the time you’re back at your campground to prepare a meal.

Exposure to the elements will require products with corrosion resistances and waterproof seals.

Places in your outdoor RV kitchen you might need a little extra light

Near your barbecue or stove

No one wants to be near a hot surface without proper light. Having a steady source of light as you’re cooking will prevent burns and ensure your food will never be overcooked. We can’t, however, make any guarantees on the chef.

The handy Lynx Solar-Powered Exterior LED Lite can be attached to any portion of the exterior of your RV and comes equipped with six bright LEDs. The light is solar-powered, so you never have to worry about bringing batteries along. Simply leave it outside in the sun to charge. The dusk / dawn sensor ensures when the sun goes down, you still have a steady source of light for all your cooking needs.

Buy the Lynx Solar-Powered Exterior LED Lite here.

Near your washing station

Washing dishes will be 10 times easier when you have the light you need to get the job done well. Plus, who wants leftover food stuck to their plates for breakfast anyway?

With dimensions of approximately 6″ x 5″, the Lynx Solar Drop-In Lite is perfect for multiple lighting applications in outdoor kitchens, truck canopies, hunting / fishing shelters, cargo trailers, utility trailers, storage sheds, or anywhere you need bright light.

The Solar Drop-In Lite’s advanced dusk / dawn technology reacts to daylight, making it an energy efficient way to brighten dark interiors. Plus, it’s solar powered, which means one thing: energy independence.

Bonus Tip: If you’re forced to use, dare we say it, an outdoor toilet (gasp!), this light will help you see those creepy crawlers before they see you.

Buy the Lynx Solar Drop-In Lite here

Near your cutting station

Make sure you’re being safe whenever handling a tool like a knife. Proper lighting helps you cut fruits and vegetables with confidence in your outdoor space.

A bright and steady stream of light is guaranteed with the Lynx 3 LED Lite. This light is perfect for any small space that needs illuminating, or any deep shelf or area of your outdoor kitchen where you might have trouble seeing when the sun sets. It comes with everything you need to install it and you can fasten this light magnetically or with the Slide ‘N Lock plate.

Buy the Lynx 3 LED Lite here.

Plus, if you’ve spent your day fishing and caught supper, use the Lynx Marine Indoor / Outdoor Lite to prep your catch of the day for what’s sure to be a delicious feast.

Buy the Lynx Marine Indoor / Outdoor Lite here.

Near your table

Don’t be left eating in the dark! Just because the sun is gone doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a family meal outside. Isn’t the whole point of RVing to enjoy the outdoors anyway?

Have your makeshift dining room table properly illuminated during all hours of the day, so you can enjoy your time with family and friends well into the night.

Stronger and brighter light is what you get with the 12 LED Lite. Just like the Lynx 3 LED Lite, the 12 LED Lite comes with everything you need to install it effortlessly in any space you need it. The versatile 12 LED Lite with motion and dusk / dawn sensor is battery-powered and well suited for either interior or exterior applications.

Buy the 12 LED Lite here.

With Lynx Lites, you can rest assured your lights are always protected thanks to their reliable, protective seal. All of our lights are compact and perfect for any space, large or small.

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