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Are RV Solar Panels Worth It?

Are RV Solar Panels Worth It?

With their gleaming sleekness and trusty reliability, solar panels are a must-have for seasoned RV campers. However, before you hurry off to your nearest solar wholesaler, here are a few important things to consider:    


They promote off-the-grid adventures  

The world is your oyster when you take advantage of RV solar panels. With them, you’re not limited to staying in traditional camping sites. RV solar panels provide enough power to enable comfortable camping experiences in offbeat locations from secluded alpine getaways to vast Walmart parking lots. Likewise, they help you save money on amenity-free campsites, granting the luxury of browsing the web and charging your devices without the hassle of sharing electrical outlets with your fellow campers.

They require little to no maintenance

Aside from an occasional surface cleaning, RV solar panels require little to no maintenance. As they’re extremely portable, there’s no need to worry about setting them up or taking them down, allowing smooth and hassle-free travels from point A to point B.

They provide a reliable power source during emergencies

Solar panels guarantee a reliable power source should your RV experience any mechanical difficulties or if you end up stranded in an obscure location. Whether you’re dealing with a roadside breakdown or a storm induced power outage, staying well-ventilated and enjoying your usual technological comforts will make the ordeal all the more bearable.

They’re environmentally friendly

RV solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and practice eco-friendliness while enjoying some of the comforts of home. Tapping into solar power decreases the use of carbon-based fuel sources like propane and decreases dependency on the electrical grid.

Another example of environmental friendliness?

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They require a certain degree of tech-savviness

Prior to purchasing RV solar panels, you should estimate your expected energy consumption to determine which products are right for you and your vacation style. Consider factors such as your typical energy consumption needs, how much technology you plan to use without supplementing the energy via other sources (ex. generators), and where and how long you’ll be camping.

They’re expensive

Not all RV solar panels are created equal, and it's up to you to decide which ones give you the best bang for your buck. While some may be purchased for $1,000, they may not provide enough energy to power all your amenities, requiring you to make use of amenities available at your campground.

Their reliability depends on the weather

Despite their positives, the efficiency of RV solar panels entirely depends on Mother Nature's good graces. As they charge and recharge by collecting radiant energy, solar panels are less effective power generators on overcast days and through the evening hours, and in such circumstances may require users to tap into other energy sources.

They’re better suited for long-term campers

Due to their costliness and substantial overall investment, RV solar panels are unlikely to be positive additions for casual roadtrippers or even frequent weekend escapes. Rather, they’re better suited for those whose lifestyles involve long-term RV camping, rendering the panels worthier long-term investments.

So, as you can see, purchasing RV solar panels isn't as simple as staking out your next idyllic campsite. However, if you take the time and effort to decide which products are right for you, establish and stick to a budget, and consider your future traveling endeavours, then RV solar panels will be a worthwhile investment.

And if you’re not ready to commit to solar panels quite yet, you can start with our Lynx 6 LED Light with Motion and Dawn/Dusk Sensors, available for purchase here.