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Here’s what “Caravaning” looks like in different parts of the world

Here’s what “Caravaning” looks like in different parts of the world

Thinking of hitting the open road in your RV?

You’re not the only one. In fact, RV culture is alive and well in a multitude of different countries, each with its own preferred RV practices and options for epic roadtrips.

Today we’re breaking down what “caravaning” looks like in different parts of the world, so you have the inside scoop on which place might be the best fit for your next adventure.



USA Caravaning RV Adventure Tri Lynx

Photo Credit: Forbes

How you choose to travel across the 50 states is truly up to you.

Whether you’re a retired couple hitting the road in your Class A motorhome, or a millennial embracing the ever-growing trend of seeing the country by living in your renovated van, the possibilities are endless in the USA, with a wide range of national parks available to you.

The VanLife movement, often referred to as the Bohemian social media movement, has quickly spread, with nomads and wanderers embracing the trend and exploring the country on their own terms, freeing themselves of high rent and mortgage payments.

Traveling in the summer can be hot and busy. Luckily, states like California and Texas stay warm throughout the year, giving you the freedom to choose when and where you explore.

The USA has something for everyone, and you won’t be disappointed by the variety of parks and sites it has to offer.

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: Anything that suits your fancy.



Canada RV Caravaning Lynx Levelers

Photo Credit: OnRoad Campervan

Canada is filled with natural wonders and incredibly iconic national parks that will definitely leave you speechless.

“Camping” is quite seasonal due to the nature of the weather. Even summer months can feel cool at times — especially if you find yourself in the Canadian Rockies — but, that doesn’t stop Canadians from RVing to iconic sites, such as Jasper and Banff National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, and so much more.

Canadians love hitting the road in the spring and summer months, and the entire country is filled with campgrounds you can rest easy in after a day of hiking and sightseeing.

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: Depending on the season, you can caravan in a number of different vehicles, but in the cooler months, it’s best to go with an RV or motorhome to stay warm and toasty at night. A popup trailer is better suited for the warmer months of July and August.

United Kingdom


United Kingdom Caravaning RV Lynx Levelers

Photo Credit: Motif Magazine

The UK has a number of scenic and popular caravan parks for you to visit, which are actually more often referred to as “lifestyle destinations”. In 2015, the range of luxurious facilities available skyrocketed, enabling “caravaning” to have a surge in popularity and explode across the coastlines.

“Glamping” is also quite popular in the UK, even though the “less is more” motto is encouraged in the many unique parks you can expect to find there.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that caravan holidays hit the mainstream in the UK, and by the ‘60s the roads were filled with caravans. Now, caravan sites dominate the camping market, and your favourite leveling system can also be found on Amazon UK!

If you’re looking for amazing seaside destinations, then the UK is the place for you.

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: A towable caravan.



Europe Caravaning RV Lynx Levelers

Photo Credit: Passion Passport

In Europe, the rules of the road differ in each country you decide to caravan in, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on all the rules and regulations depending on what countries you plan to visit.

RVs in Europe are generally smaller than the ones you would see in Canada or the USA, so get ready to get cozy with your posse! There are, however, benefits to the smaller-sized vehicles — while in the USA you could easily be ticketed for parking on a random street, you won’t have trouble with this in Europe.

Another bonus? Many major freeways in Europe have rest stops and service areas that include dumps to accommodate your tanks.

Something to be aware of is that even the biggest and most expensive RVs usually don’t have an oven or microwave, so make sure you’re planning your meals around this.

Expect to encounter roads that aren’t car-friendly. Europe is filled with tight and narrow roadways that can be hard to navigate at times — so, consider your choice of vehicle in this case.  

Some must-see places include the North Eastern corner of Spain (which offers miles of dramatic coastline with winding pathways, rocky coves and beautiful beaches), the scenic Tuscan hills and ruins of Italy, and the scenic roads of Germany that lead to historic sites and looming castles.

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: A van or off-road vehicle to navigate bumpy roads.



Australia Van Life Caravaning RV Lynx Levelers

Photo Credit: Carasel

Australia is a country filled with amazing beaches, stunning views and…lots of vans.

That’s right, the land down under is the perfect destination for the VanLifer who just wants to rent or buy a van and travel down the coast. In fact, it’s a popular destination for college and university graduates who have the travel bug and want to explore for a few months before entering “the real world”. Van rentals are extremely popular here, and if you choose to buy one, you could end up buying one with pre-existing insurance!  

The country is filled with different caravan parks where you can hang out for the night, meet new friends and get tips and tricks on how to navigate the vast coastline. Unlike the USA and Canada, you can also expect to find lots of free campsites, and you know what that means — lots of unlevel ground! Luckily, most of your favourite Lynx products, like your classic levelers and Lynx Caps, can be found at WallCann.

The RV culture is big in Australia, but something like a motorhome can be too limiting for the type of terrain you could be met with on your journey. Many opt for something more flexible, such as a camper trailer or a small van that allows for access to off-road locations.

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: Anything small (like a van) or easily towable that could journey off the beaten path.

New Zealand


Van Life Caravaning RV Tri Lynx

Photo Credit: Lives Abroad

Similar to Australia, the VanLife movement is very much alive in New Zealand as well. Here you’ll be able to find free campsites just as easily, and there are many campervan companies you could utilize to rent something within your price range.

An important note: New Zealand doesn’t stay hot year-round — but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful! There are many beaches and mountains to be seen throughout the country.

Unlike Europe, you’re able to use your own license when navigating this scenic destination in your camper van, but make sure you’re paying attention to what type of campervan you rent. There are two kinds: (1) fully self-contained and (2) non-self-contained. The difference between the two is that one comes with a toilet and one doesn’t.

If your campervan doesn’t have a toilet, you can’t “freedom camp”. “Freedom camping” means you can camp on public land for free, as long as you have the right facilities. If you don’t, you’ll have to find a holiday park to spend your nights in, which are fairly inexpensive. And, just like in Australia, you can find Lynx in New Zealand as well.

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: Campervan. Coming in the winter months? Then a 4×4 is the way to go if you’re planning to do a bit of offroading.   

South Korea


South Korea Caravaning RV Lynx Levelers

Photo Credit: Land Cruising Adventure

In recent years, the fascination for outdoor activities has exploded in South Korea. In fact, “camping culture” is very much alive in the country, and between 2010 and 2013 the country saw its number of campers double to 1.3 million!

There is no shortage of avid adventurers here, and you, too, can join them and discover unique mountain landscapes, sandy beaches and over 500 different campgrounds, including popular destinations in Seoul like Nanji Hangang Park. An important thing to remember is that it can get very humid in the summer, unless you’re near the mountains, so plan accordingly for the different types of weather you will encounter.

Similar to much of the places we’ve previously discussed, you can find a variety of different campgrounds that are both free and paid, so it’s important to have Lynx along for the ride. Yes, you can even find Lynx in South Korea (we’re just about everywhere!).

Caravaning Vehicle of Choice: Many of the “road rules” in South Korea are quite strict, so when caravaning many stick to something small and towable, rather than motorized.


No matter where you decide to take your caravaning adventures, you’ll always encounter uneven and rocky surfaces. Make sure no matter where you decide to spend the night, your caravan is safely leveled with a set of Lynx Levelers.

Find your trusty orange companion at Amazon or Walmart and happy caravaning!

* Cover Image Credit: Live Abroad

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