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15 vintage RV DIY before & afters that are giving us goosebumps

15 vintage RV DIY before & afters that are giving us goosebumps

A few months ago we shared a blog titled “10 Vintage RV DIY Before & Afters That Are Giving Us Goosebumps”, which detailed some of our favourite vintage RV remodels, both big and small.

The “van life” trend has become increasingly popular, and people choosing to live full-time in a camper is something we see pop up all over the Internet every day. Remodelling vintage RVs to embark on epic roadtrips, has become a massive trend.

We’re happy to bring you an updated list of beautifully redone RVs for your eyes to feast upon. Hopefully we inspire you to do a little remodelling yourself this summer – with a touch of orange, of course.

If you recently completed a vintage RV renovation, we’d love to see the results! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share your RV DIY success stories with us.

Once you’ve put all that hard work into renovating your RV, it’d be a shame not to have it level to complete the “look”. Check out our leveling blocks and other RV products to make sure your RV feels as good as it looks.

1) When your flooring needs some serious improvement…

RV floor reno

Images via Must Have Mom

2) When you just want that modern touch…

RV Kitchen Restoration Vintage Tri-Lynx

Images via Mountain Modern Life

3) When you’re channeling Fourth of July vibes… 

Vintage RV DIY Tri-Lynx

RV Remodel Fourth of July DIY Vintage Tri-Lynx

Images via Country Living

4) When you really need your beauty sleep…

Bedroom RV Renovation DIY Vintage Tri-Lynx

Images via Decoratoo  

5) When the one table leg isn’t cutting it anymore…

Vintage RV Renovation Camper Tri-Lynx Dining Room Table

Images via The Noshery 

6) When a simple paint job can work wonders…



Images via Whippy Cake

7) When you decide the kitchen needs some major updating…


Images via Fiddy States

8) When you’re struck by a burst of nautical creativity…



Images via Redbook

9) When you don’t have to gut the whole thing…


10) When you want to turn your RV into a mobile cocktail bar for weddings…



Images via Bloglovin

11) When you’ve got a shoestring budget and are trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse…



Images via Apartment Therapy

12) When change is really, really good...



Images via Vintage Revivals

13) When you see the potential for a HGTV-worthy interior…



Images via House of Rumours

14) When your bathroom looks like it could be haunted…


Images via Do It Yourself RV

15) When you just need to get out of the 70s...

70's RV before

70's RV after

Images via Anchored Home