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10 More Amazing Camper Transformations

10 More Amazing Camper Transformations

You loved our last blog showcasing 10 Amazing Camper Transformations You’ve Gotta See, so we’ve brought you 10 more. This time we’re focusing on incredible transformations that YOU could take inspiration from. We’ve curated this blog to include budget-friendly, do-able camper conversions for those of you looking for some realistic inspo.


1. Tio Adventura’s Pandemic Build

Just as many have, Tio Aventura (also known as Maria José and Chase) spent their time in pandemic lockdowns turning a Sprinter Van into their dream tiny home. This was their second build after deciding to downsize from their Bus conversion, so they’re definitely a point of inspiration for anyone who wants to do a lot with less space.



Source: @tioadventura on Instagram

Absolutely gorgeous—like a getaway cabin on wheels. Imagine downsizing from a house to a bus, and from a bus to a Sprinter! Maria José and Chase are definitely experts on compact van builds.

Check out the time lapse of their full build process HERE.


2. Exploring Alternatives DIY Van Build

Exploring Alternatives converted a 2015 Ford Transit using all natural materials. They used products such as hemp insulation, cork flooring, low VOC paint and varnish, and more! Their commitment to sustainability is a great point of reference for anyone who wants to focus on sustainability in their #vanlife.



One of our favourite parts of this build is the whale art behind the bed. The bed is extremely interesting too, because it’s multipurpose and can transform into a couch and miniature dinette.

Want to know how to build something like this? See their tips and tricks video that covers all of their build process HERE. Their entire channel is dedicated to sustainable minimalist living, so if that is your thing then their videos will have a lot to offer!


3. Modern Build’s Tiny Home in a Bus

Modern Builds approached their Van renovation in a slightly different way. Instead of going for the nomadic van living approach, they built their bus to be a stationary tiny home.  

This old bus was purchased from El Reno Public Schools and initially functioned as a school bus. It showed up in pretty rough shape, but Modern Builds did an excellent job of rebuilding.



The sky blue paint job and DIY patio are particularly nice touches.

Watch the full build playlist HERE.


4. $8000 Budget Build

Looking to convert a van on a budget? Lifepothesis are experts. They fully converted their Sprinter van for just $8000. Lifepothesis consists of a Scientist and an Engineer, so their expertise will come in handy for cheap and effective builds.



Source: @lifepothesis on Instagram  

And apparently they’re not just a Scientist and an Engineer. Judging by the way their van looks, they must also be experienced interior designers.

See the full tour of their van HERE.  


5. Snow & Curt’s Tiny Home Build

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Scientist or an Engineer to beautifully convert a van. With no experience, Snow & Curt sold everything they owned and spent eight months building out their van.

Their van is unique because of how effectively they’ve divided it into different rooms/spaces. They’ve made a very small van feel like quite a large home! See the full tour HERE


6. Find Out’s $3000 Budget Camper Conversion

Okay, maybe the $8000 van build is still out of your budget. Well, Find Out managed to do it for just $3000! They call their car more of a ‘camper’ than a ‘tiny home’, so if you’re looking for a place to live full time you might not want to follow their build step by step. That said, there’s still a lot to learn from anyone who converts a van on such a tight budget!



While their camper isn’t as glamorous as some of the other builds we’ve showcased, it’s efficient, it’s effective, and it works! You don’t really need a fancy-looking build unless you’re some kind of influencer. If you’re just heading out on the road for the weekend, this is the perfect build for you!

Find out about Find Out’s process HERE.


7. Gabe and Pau’s Van Conversion

Gabe and Pau are another example of a couple who converted their van with no previous experience. And without any experience, they managed to build one of the coziest looking vans we’ve seen yet! It truly looks like a log cabin in the middle of the Rockies.



Want to know how they did it? See a 13-minute time lapse of their conversion HERE


8. Girl With No Compass’s Vibrant Conversion 

This has got to be the conversion with the most personality yet. This Girl With No Compass character must have a compass pointed directly towards *style*.

See the full tour of this vibrant van HERE


9. Augustin Huteau’s 60 Day Pandemic Conversion

Want to live in a van *but do it really fast*? Follow in the footsteps of Augustin Huteau and convert your van in just 60 days!



Watch the timelapse of his ultra fast conversion HERE.


10. The Vans of Jennelle Eliana and Her Pet Snake Alfredo 

This list would not be complete without Jenelle Eliana and her pet snake Alfredo. She’s got a wide variety of videos on everything from van life tips to conversions. She’s truly a joy to watch, with hilarious jokes and edits throughout all her videos. If you want to watch van renos that will also make you laugh throughout, then she’s the vanlife vlogger for you.

Tour her first van HERE.