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To Infinity and Beyond! 10 Futuristic Campers that will Blow Your Mind

To Infinity and Beyond! 10 Futuristic Campers that will Blow Your Mind

Does the future hold self-driving, or maybe even flying campers? Perhaps they will be able to transport us into another time or galaxy? For now we’ll have to admire these futuristic looking RVs. To infinity, and beyond!

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This mobile home reportedly sold for over $3M. Named the ‘EleMMent Palazzo’ it sounds like a high-end night club. It measures 40 feet in length, and has a pop-up cocktail length inside, so in a sense it is. Crafted by Australia’s Marchi Mobile, this is a party on wheels. Bouncer not included. 



This model is sleek, contoured and ready for action. Car and trailer are blended into one for a singular aerodynamic unit. For getting around town, detach and go! In this instance the whole truly is better than the sum of its parts. The saying is, go big or go home, but this unit will allow you to go big and go small. You’ll never want to stay home! 


The sparkling interior of this motor home resembles something you’d find in the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right. If you like hosting martini parties in your RV, this one’s for you. If you prefer fishing, on the other hand, you’re probably not going to want to plunk your muddy butt down on those snow-white cushions. 


Transformers comes alive with this modern, transforming RV camper from BeauER. It’s in for cruising and out for snoozing. 129 square feet of relaxation are in store when this recreational vehicle is fully extended. With the futuristic design of the cab, heads will be turning on highways and side roads alike. 



This tow-behind teardrop trailer is from the Australian muscle car company Bolwell. It’s called the Edge, and we can see why.  Despite its roots down under, it resembles something of a Swiss army knife. With all of those doors, windows and storage compartments opening and closing, it never looks the same way twice. 


 A rear solar panel powers this camper, which has curves in all the right places. A modern design provides external appeal, while the interior features a sizable fridge, electric oven and water tank. 


Emerge from this pod on wheels both rested and relaxed. For bonus points, put on a chicken costume and crack your way out of this egg-shaped dome. Your neighbors’ children will be delighted. Remember, the early bird catches the worm! 

We’re still trying to decide whether this camper looks futuristic, or resembles something from the Cold War era, but regardless, it’s eye-catching. It won’t get you to the moon, but it will allow you to travel with the same adventurous spirit as Neil Armstrong and company. Emerging from this in the morning will be one small step for man (or woman), and one giant leap for mankind. Suggested soundtrack: Rocket Man by Elton John. 


Alright, technically this is a van, but we still love the interior. If you want to hold a power meeting with the head of a Fortune 500 company while sipping bubbly and driving down the highway at 60 mph, this is the ride for you. 


This teardrop camper from Earth Traveller is designed to be so light that it can be towed by the smallest of cars. The eye-catching design makes use of several lightweight materials. The many windows and screens make it perfect for starlit nights. 

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