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Tips For The Perfect Thanksgiving In Your RV

Tips For The Perfect Thanksgiving In Your RV

You love RVing and Thanksgiving, so why not do both -- at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to have a festive Thanksgiving dinner and celebration in your RV and it is rather simple, but preparation is key. 

Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect Thanksgiving in your RV this season:

Make a Reservation

When planning for your perfect Thanksgiving in your RV, the location is pretty important.

Booking a campsite ahead of time is important when planning for a festiveThanksgiving celebration in the great outdoors. 

Although it can be fun to be spontaneous and adventurous, it is always better to plan ahead, especially now, and make sure you have a campsite reserved, so there is no way your Thanksgiving plans can become derailed because of location. 

Cook and Plan Ahead

When it comes to Thanksgiving, we can probably all agree that the most important part is the meal. The best plan of attack to pull off this elaborate meal in an RV is to cook and prep all food ahead of time. That way, all that needs to be done when you arrive at your campsite is simply heating everything up. 

Pro tip: Throw side dishes on a grill and bring along a crockpot to warm up other dishes.

When it comes to the turkey, we know how important it is to have that cooked right. If you want your turkey to be cooked in your RV so it can be served freshly out of the RV oven, that is definitely possible. Make sure you buy a smaller turkey that will fit in your RV-sized oven. You can also bring a pre-cooked turkey and simply warm it up. No one will call you a cheater when they’re enjoying their delicious dinner. The choice is yours! 

Don’t forget about dessert! Prepare a pumpkin pie ahead of time, and then warm it up over a grill for the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal. 


Be Festive

Make Thanksgiving  extra special by bringing items that will make it feel festive.

For the Thanksgiving table, bring a nice tablecloth to place over a picnic table or an RV table. You could bring a decorative gourd or two to place as centerpieces on the table. Providing extra blankets is always a good idea, so everyone can stay cozy and warm. 

These finishing touches will make Thanksgiving in your RV extra festive and unforgettable. 

Level Your RV

In order to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving RV dinner smoothly and successfully, your cooking unit needs to be level, as well as the turkey. 

Lynx Levelers will help keep your RV level, and keep you and your loved ones safe and secure through all of your festive feasting and celebrating this Thanksgiving season.