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Lynx in the Wild: 16 Photos of Lynx Levelers in Action

Lynx in the Wild: 16 Photos of Lynx Levelers in Action

Nature lovers have spotted it on many occasions; it’s a highly functional beast, bright orange and at home in a wide range of environments. Of course we’re talking about the Lynx Leveler. A great friend to the traveler, the Lynx Leveler is stackable, durable and is sure to even out your next RV or van adventure. It even comes with a 10-year warranty! 

Behold these great pictures of the Lynx Leveler captured in its natural environment. 

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Here we see the Lynx Leveler straightening out an RV in the rugged terrain of Lone Park, California. Much like their human friends, Lynx Levelers enjoy a beautiful sky. 



Lynx Levelers love slopes, such as this one in Prineville OR. It makes them feel useful, which they most certainly are. 



When visiting a place named Tippy State Dam, it should come as no surprise that your RV may need help leveling out. Fortunately for this road warrior, Lynx loves Northern Michigan. 



Alamogordo, NM is another fine spot to find the Lynx Leveler. Who wouldn’t want to take in such stunning scenery? 



Lynx Levelers are loyal companions, and will never air your dirty laundry, but they will level your vehicle as you hang clothes to dry. 



Lynx Levelers enjoy a holiday in the Great Smokey Mountains. Although they exist worldwide, they’re more than happy to help fly old glory, as they do here. 



Kings Canyon National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a great place to spot the Lynx Leveler. A setup like this requires stability, and the Lynx Leveler is up to the task. 



>>> Let’s keep it on the level! Your RV that is. Lynx Levelers will stabilize your camper. They’re easy to stack, easy to use and come with a 10-year warranty! Get level. <<<

Have you ever heard that song ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon? In it, the singer accuses someone of being so vain. And of going to Nova Scotia. The Lynx Leveler isn’t vain. In fact, it humbly does its job without making a sound. But it does love Nova Scotia, and with a sky like this, who can blame it? 



In Glacier National Park, some Lynx Levelers go about their business, leveling and stabilizing their camper. 




The Lynx Leveler likes to travel in packs, as you can see from this picture, snapped in the wild at Paul Wolff Campground in Elgin, IL. Strength comes in numbers, and no job is too big for this group of majestic orange beasts. 



Lynx are great with children. Seen here in La Conner Marina, WA, they reinvent themselves as pylons in an obstacle course. 



Lynx enjoys this Nevada sunrise from it’s favorite perch: beneath the wheel. Or is it a sunset? No matter, the Lynx is on the job, 24 hours a day. 



During hunting season in Oklahoma this group of Lynx stand out with their orange glow, providing their human friends with increased visibility. 



Agua Caliente, CA presents some interesting turf, but, like a good friend, the Lynx Leveler is there, providing stability. 



The views are breathtaking at Jordanelle State Park in Utah. As you can see here, Lynx Levelers tend to congregate around such natural beauty. 



This picture, snapped in Koa Townsend, Tennessee, features a man quietly taking care of business while enjoying pristine surroundings. In that way, he’s very much like the Lynx Levelers, who sit nearby, doing the same. 



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