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From Rock ‘n Roll to Baywatch: Can you guess who these 10 RV-loving celebrities are?

RVing is pretty cool, but you already knew that. These 10 celebrities know it, too.

Oh, but you didn’t think we’d just tell you who they are, did you?

Step 1: Read the “Who am I” descriptions.
Step 2: Read the “I am…” descriptions.
Step 3: Match up the “Who am I” numbers with the “I am…” letters.
Step 4: Keep scrolling down the page until you hit the “Answers” section to see how you did!


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Who am I?

1) Working nine to five is no way to make a living for this country music star. She’s been married to her husband, Carl Dean, for 50 years (but who’s counting?) and famously said, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”.

2) This American actor is known for roles in films like Dazed and Confused and Dallas Buyers Club. You may also know him from his Lincoln car commercials, which are awfully similar to the trailer for his movie, Interstellar.

3) This well-known football coach turned TV sportscaster is a former American football player in the NFL, a former Super Bowl-winning head coach with the Oakland Raiders, and a former commentator for the NFL.

4) This actor’s real name is Mark Sinclair. You’ll probably know him best from his portrayals of Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious film series, as well as Richard B. Riddick in The Chronicles of Riddick series.

5) A famous American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer, known for his “retro” style and Rock ‘n Roll-chic attire. He often plays all of his instruments himself while recording and is known for his song, “American Woman”. He also played Cinna in the Hunger Games film series.

6) America’s first black President.

7) This actor began his career as a model and later ventured into acting by portraying Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom, That ’70s Show. He’s currently married to actress Mila Kunis.

8) A Canadian-American actress and model, she’s best known for her role on Baywatch and has also appeared in Playboy magazine. She was previously married to Mötley Crüe drummer
Tommy Lee.

9) This legendary Oscar-winning actor has starred in such films as Taxi Driver, The Godfather: Part II, and Meet the Fockers.

10) An American actor, musician, and playwright whose most notable role was that of Harry Dunne opposite Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

I am…

A) Barack Obama
While campaigning for President, Obama asserted that, “When this convention’s over we are loading up our kids in an RV”.


Image via RVing Guide

B) Lenny Kravitz
The Rock musician bought himself not one, but three luxury RVs for his – get this – private island! The catch: he doesn’t seem to drive them very far, other than just around his private island.


Image via Oprah

C) Ashton Kutcher
Ashton and his now wife, Mila Kunis, left their wedding venue in an RV, and were later spotted at Yosemite National Park.


Image via Anderson Mobile Estates

D) Pam Anderson
The days of Baywatch may be behind her, but Pam’s still Pam. She had her Airstream trailer transformed into a “lovestream” trailer. This masterpiece comes complete with a vibrating bed and stripper pole.


Image via Airforums

E) Dolly Parton
All aboard the Dolly-Bus! When Dolly travels in her RV, she’s not exactly “roughing” it. Her RV slash tour bus comes equipped with China plates, a big shower, and great lighting, so Dolly can get “dolled” up in time for her next big show.


Image via Highlight Hollywood

F) Robert DeNiro
We may have aviation’s unpredictability to thank for being able to list Robert DeNiro as an RV enthusiast. He much rather prefers knowing he has his own posturpedic bed to sleep in at night, his own thermostat to adjust, and his own toilet to use.


Image via Pinterest

G) John Madden
Madden got tired of his constant flying across the US, not to mention that the confined space of a plane triggered claustrophobia in him. He eventually settled on RVing because it gave him the freedom to have the luxuries of home with him wherever he traveled…And he wasn’t stuck thousands of feet above the ground with no exit plan.


Image via Jalopnik

H) Jeff Daniels
When Daniels shoots a movie, he passes on the provided “Honey Wagon” and rolls up on set in his own RV. As he told Motor Trend Magazine, “[It’s] like the Ritz on wheels. I could live in it”.


Image via Hollywood Reporter

I) Vin Diesel
Don’t let his fast and furious days fool you; RVs can be fast and furious, too! Diesel’s RV boasts two stories, is 1,100 sq. ft. big, and valued at roughly $1.1 million. Word on the street is, his sunroof turns from clear to opaque at the touch of a button.

Vin Diesel's ample motor home includes a media lounge and kid's play area.

Image via HGTV

J) Matthew McConaughey
Yes, even Mr. McConaughey occasionally trades in his Lincoln (which we presume he drives based on his TV commercials) for his Airstream trailer, which he nicknamed “The Canoe”.

Matthew McConaughey RV

Image via Glamper – An Airstream Diary

Now, after all this, the question remains: Do they use Lynx?


(1) E (2) J (3) G (4) I (5) B (6) A (7) C (8) D (9) F (10) H

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