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12 Best Restored Food Trucks We've Ever Seen

12 Best Restored Food Trucks We've Ever Seen

You’ve seen food trucks, but have you seen restored food trucks? 

You read that right. 

These vehicles have been renovated from their original state into a food truck to serve customers with an appetite! Check out some of the greatest restored food trucks we’ve seen below.


Gourmet Food Truck

This truck serves gourmet meals on wheels!


Mexican Food Truck

This beauty isn’t going anywhere with those Lynx Levelers keeping everything in place.


Grilled Cheese Truck

Grilled cheese? Yes, please!


Airstream Bar

That old-school cool with a mini bar to boot!



School Bus Eatery

School bus rides just got a lot more fun.



Van to Mobile Cafe

Calling all sweet tooths!



1971 Shasta Camper to Cocktail Bar

Now that’s a makeover! Imagine having one of these at your wedding.



Vintage Piaggio Van to Bruschetta Maker

We’re sure bruschetta tastes even better when served from a vintage Piaggio van!



Coffee Truck

Grab your favourite beverage from a mobile coffee shop.



Vintage Horse Trailer to Mobile Bar

For events of all types (including weddings)!



1966 Volkswagen to Vintage Ice Cream Truck

Who wouldn’t get ice cream here?



Milkshake Truck

The most adorable milkshake truck we’ve ever seen.



We hope these vehicles were leveled while they were up and running for business! With Lynx Levelers, your vehicle will be level -- no matter where you are.