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10 handy, alternate ways to use Lynx Levelers

10 handy, alternate ways to use Lynx Levelers

Alternate Lynx Uses Collage

Sure, Lynx Levelers are meant to safely and securely raise your RV, but did you know you can also use them as cup holders, doggy pedestals, and pothole covers? We didn’t either. That is until our loyal fans started sharing their brilliant ideas.

Use your Lynx Levelers...

1) as a cup holder.

Bring some Tim Horton’s goodness to your RV park neighbours without a) spilling scorching hot coffee all over yourself, or b) having to make multiple trips. Alternate Lynx Cup Holder Tim Hortons

2) to level your side table.

If you’ve owned your RV for a few years, or even if you bought a brand new rig, there may be places where you could use an extra inch or two for stability. Your retractable side table / makeshift outdoor bar should be level to make sure your beverages aren’t sliding off the ends. Alternate Lynx Bar                      

3) as a doggy pedestal.

Because even your dog wants to feel like a princess sometimes, Lynx Levelers make the perfect doggy pedestal. Alternate Lynx Dog Bed

4) to level picnic tables.

If you’re at a particularly unlevel RV park, your rig won’t be the only thing that’ll need some leveling. Picnic tables are prone to rocking, but with a few levelers, you can keep breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table.   Alternate Lynx Picnic Table

5) as a makeshift pillow.

For the overtly exhausted camper, Lynx Levelers can provide a temporary resting spot to close your eyes, even if just for a moment. Alternate Lynx Pillow

6) to make snow angels.

Winter can be fun when you have enough levelers to make your very own Lynx snow angel. Go on, mark your territory. Alternate Lynx Snow Angels

7) as a pothole cover.

Potholes don’t care who you are -- they’ll maliciously place themselves right at the end of your doorstep, or in any other completely inconvenient location that’ll make walking around your rig at night your ankles’ worst nightmare. On a side note, may we suggest you take a look at our motion sensor Lynx Lites to help with the latter? Alternate Lynx Use Potholes

8) to measure snowfall.

Why rely on the weatherman to tell you how much snow has fallen when you can use your one-inch leveling blocks to make the calculation yourself? Alternate Lynx Snow Measure

9) as added stability to your staircase...and your life.

So you broke the exterior stairs on your vintage RV and did a mediocre job at patching them back up? No problem! Just place a few leveling blocks underneath for that extra stability and to avoid a potentially embarrassing (not to mention painful) tumble.   Alternate Lynx Use Stair

10) to make goal posts.

Lynx Levelers just want to have fun, too. Forget trying to craft makeshift goal posts out of sticks you desperately search for in mosquito-infested woods. Just throw a leveler on either side of that imaginary goal and keep the kids busy for the rest of the afternoon! Lynx Alternate Goal Posts What are your favourite ways to use Lynx Levelers (other than for leveling your RV, of course)? Tell us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!
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