Lynx Cap 'N Chock Pack

Lynx Cap 'N Chock Pack

The Lynx+ Pack comes with 2 Lynx Stop 'N Chocks and 4 Lynx Cap toppers packed in a Lynx Blue Bag. They're here to keep you chocked and docked, while also providing a smooth surface for your stabilizers and tires to land on!

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Included in the Lynx Cap 'N Chock Pack

Everything you need to add value to your Lynx Levelers!


Lynx Stop 'N Chock (2 Pack)

Designed for use with Lynx Leveler Levelling Blocks, the interlocking chocks are a self-positioning wheel guide used to situate and dock your RV easily and accurately. 

Lynx Cap (4 Pack)

The Lynx Cap is here to take the pressure off your equipment for long term storage. Get creative with your leveling stacks. The Lynx Cap will not add any height to your stack.

Lynx Blue Bag 

A very handy accessory to have on the campsite even after you pull out the Lynx Caps and Lynx Stop N' Chocks.