Lynx Blue Bag
Lynx Blue Bag
Lynx Blue Bag

Lynx Blue Bag

A sturdy and versatile bag for your Lynx Levelers and more. A very handy storage accessory to have around the campsite!

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Purchase a Lynx Blue Bag for your Lynx Levelers. Use it for more than just holding Lynx Levelers! 

It holds:

10 Lynx Levelers

Lynx Levelers Nylon Bag

2 Stop N' Chocks and 4 Lynx Caps

Lynx Levelers Nylon Carry Bag

4 bathing suits and 2 beach towels

Lynx Carry Bag holds more than just levlers

A first aid kit, a Lynx Work Rite Lite, and 2 cans of soup

    All the things a Lynx Leveler Nylon Bag can hold
    A very handy accessory to have on the campsite. More than just a bag to hold your levelers.
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