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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews
        Bill B
        Great Light!

        The Lynx Work/Camp Rite Light is great! It is very bright and has magnets on the back and bottom. It has a work light shroud protecting the back and side of the circuit board, but is missing the cage to protect the actual light. This light is now our go-to light at home and in the RV.

        I have not used the Level Pen. The level is small but may be just the right size for leveling small wall hangings or light switch plates.

        Camper Dude
        Not worth asking price

        It's a nice novelty but the pen is not at all worth 15 bucks and the light is cheaply made. I'm happy with it since I got it on BOGO. I don't advise anyone to pay full price. One of my pens was broken upon arrival and customer service replaced free of charge.

        Dominique Golaz

        Would appreciate a blue bag for all the pieces both. 😉

        John Hower
        Surprisingly good light; Useful pen

        I was pleasantly surprised by the Lynx Work/Camp light. It throws a very good amount of light and is actually larger than I expected. Haven't had a chance to use it as a camp light yet, but it's been put to good use while we're preparing old plaster walls in our 1870 house for new paint. It throws an excellent low angle light to wash across the walls to spot hairline cracks. I expect to put it to good use around camp this summer, too. The pen writes well and has a good feel in the hand. The stylus end works well and the level, although small, seems like it will be put to use. The screwdriver bits are small, to be expected, but will work for small screws. Overall, kudos to Lynx for more useful products!

        Earl D
        Good combo

        Light works great. I like the dual magnets for different positions. The pen is easy to use. Nice having screwdrivers included.