Lynx 8 In 1 Titan Power Station
Lynx 8 In 1 Titan Power Station
Lynx 8 In 1 Titan Power Station

Lynx 8 In 1 Titan Power Station

TITAN 8 in 1 Portable Solar Power Station is a complete portable and solar power station. Using a small built in solar system to maintain battery life and recharge itself. Solar power makes this portable power station ideal for long trips where power access is limited or unavailable. an invaluable safety feature, setting it apart from other portable power stations.

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8 in 1 Power Station


1) Rubberized Handle
2) Battery Status Voltmeter
3) Battery Charge Indicator
4) Reverse Polarity Connection Indicator
5) Battery Jumper ON/OFF Safety Switch
6) Charging Port
7) USB Port
8) 110V AC Outlet
9) Battery Booster Cable with Clamp
10) Replaceable 25 Amp Inverter Fuse

11) Invertor & USB ON/OFF Switch
12) Dual 12V Power Outlets with Protective Covers
13) 12V Power Outlets ON/OFF Switch
14) Battery Status Button
15) LED Work Light
16) Compressor & Work Light ON/OFF Power Switch
17) Air Pressure Gauge Magnetic Rechargeable
18) Compressor Air Hose Compartment
19) High Frequency Cooling Fan

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