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Top three reasons to level your RV

Top three reasons to level your RV

Whether you’re planning a temporary vacation or are looking for a long-term, stable, and safe way to store your RV semi-permanently, your home on wheels should be level.

While most campgrounds have relatively level spaces, you don’t want to restrict where you go based on whether or not the campground is level. Some of the most beautiful places are off the beaten path and will probably come with less than optimal leveling conditions.

Failing all leveling efforts, you could find yourself experiencing any one (or all three) of the below issues.


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A warm refrigerator

You might wake up one morning only to find that the food in your refrigerator is spoiling because your refrigeration system isn’t working properly (and your beer is warm now, too!). Why is this happening?

There are typically two standards to determining just how level is level enough for an RV. First, there is basic comfort, including comfortable sleep, level countertops, and no swaying when you walk from one side of your RV to the other. Second, the level of your RV can impact how well your refrigerator operates.

The primary reason you’ll want to make leveling a habit is to enable the absorption refrigerator to function properly. Liquid ammonia flows through a portion of the low-temperature evaporator coils inside the refrigerator, but this process depends on gravity to run smoothly. As you probably already know, liquids won’t run uphill, and this is exactly what might happen if your RV is uneven. The ammonia can actually pool and settle causing blockage in your refrigerator. If you continue to operate your refrigerator off level (especially for a prolonged period of time), you may be hit with an expensive repair bill.

A round button type level is very useful in measuring not only side to side, but also front to back at the same time, and can be placed in the refrigerator for a quick and easy level check. Proper refrigeration is dependent on your RV being no more than half a bubble off level. For the mathematicians among you, that translates to roughly two degrees (or an inch) off level per three feet (i.e., approximately a three per cent grade). Remember to use the freezer floor in your refrigerator when calibrating your reference point.

Note that older fridges are more sensitive to being level than are those found in newer RVs, so always check your owner’s manual for accurate information on leveling.

Lack of sleep

Besides trying to prevent your coffee from rolling off your galley each morning, imagine trying to fall asleep on a slant at night. It’s difficult to get a good night’s rest in your RV if you’re constantly finding yourself sleeping on an uneven surface, waking up in the middle of the night to retrieve your pillow from the floor, or are rolling into the wall, your spouse, or right off the bed altogether. If one side of your RV is parked higher than the other, you could experience some serious discomfort in the morning after sleeping with your head in a downward slope the entire night.

Consider this: Lynx Levelers can raise your trailer in one inch increments to help you level slowly and safely.

Inaccurate water tank readings

Most RVs come equipped with sensors that indicate water levels. An uneven tank will undoubtedly give you an incorrect reading. While this issue isn’t as crucial as your refrigeration system, any experienced RVer understands the importance of having an accurate reading of your tanks before you hit the road. Because once on the road, you may not be able to fill or dump your tanks for a while.

An inconvenience, indeed.

Lynx Levelers are a set of interlocking plastic blocks that not only configure to fit any leveling function, but also withstand tremendous weight. They’re simple to assemble, and even simpler to unsnap and store away until next time. Purchase your own set of Lynx Levelers here.

– Update –

An important fourth reason to level your RV is that you can damage or bind your slide-outs if the rig is not level!

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